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Cookies policy

Cookies Policy 

This policy is intended to help you better understand: how cookies that can be stored on your computer, your tablet and your smartphone work during your consultation of the Sites, subject to the choices you have made concerning Cookies, and how to use the current tools to configure your choices.

Definition of cookies

A cookie is a text file that can be saved in a dedicated space on your computer’s hard drive when you consult an online service using your browser software. A cookie file allows its issuer to identify the terminal in which it is registered during the period of validity or registration of said cookie.

By whom are cookies deposited?

Cookies placed on your terminal from our Site may be filed by CTA International. The cookies filed by CTA International are mainly related to the operation of the Site.
CTA International ensures that the issuing and use of cookies is carried out in compliance with the regulations in force.
The cookie is transmitted by the server of a website to your browser.
Each cookie is assigned an anonymous identifier. A cookie does not allow to go back to a physical person. Only the issuer of a cookie can read the information contained therein.

How and why do we use cookies?

When you connect to one of the pages of our Site, as well as in the context of the use of the services that we place at your disposal, we are likely, subject to your choices, to have to install different cookies in your terminal allowing us to recognize the browser of your terminal during the validity period of the cookie concerned. Some cookies are essential for the use of the Site, others allow to optimize and personalize the displayed content.

The cookies that we issue are used, subject to your acceptance, for the purposes described below that result from the parameters that you have entered during your visit and that you can express and modify at any time under the conditions recalled within the this policy.

The cookies used by our Site

When you consult the site “”, we may install, subject to your acceptance, different cookies for the following purposes:

The categories of cookies are implemented for the purposes described below. For the sake of completeness, we inform you about the purpose of cookies and the means you have to make choices with regard to these cookies.

1. Cookies strictly necessary for the operation of the Site

Use of the site: to help us recognize your browser as that of a previous visitor and to record the preferences you have determined during your previous visit to the Site. For example, we may save your login information so that you do not have to log in every time you visit the Site;

2. Functionality cookies

These cookies make it possible to optimize the operation of the Sites.
They also allow you to adapt the presentation of the Sites to the display preferences of your terminal during your visits. These cookies allow you to have a smooth and customized navigation.
Placing cookies on your device is the easiest and fastest way to personalize and enhance your user experience.

3. Analytical and performance cookies

These cookies allow us to know the use and performance of the Site, to establish statistics, volumes of attendance and use of various elements (content visited, routes …) to improve interest and ergonomics of our services (pages or sections most often consulted, articles most read, interactive content online, …).

Acceptance or not of cookies

In accordance with the regulations, you can oppose the deposit of statistical cookies and any other deposit by setting browser vote.

Several solutions are available, from private browsing to refusal of follow-up, via exception management, site by site. We recommend using the following links, or consult the Help section of your browser. Acceptance

More informations about cookies

For more information on cookies, you can go to the CNIL website at this address: Correction of personal information

In accordance with the rules on the protection of personal data (such as the European Regulation n ° 2016/679 of April 27, 2016), you have the right to access your personal data at any time and the right to change any inaccurate data or incomplete.